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It’s The Most Perilous Time, Of The Year!

You may not be planning to go all Griswald on your Christmas decorating this year. You may not have so many lights on your home that NASA can pick you up on satellite imagery. But if you do plan to hang lights and deck the halls, there's always the risk of danger and injury when…
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We Only Partner With The Best To Bring YOU The Best!

As an Owens Corning Prefered Contractor, we have teamed up with the industry's leading supplier in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composites. Knowing that they bring the absolute best in trusted products and materials, we have been honored to be a Prefered Contractor with Owens Corning in the past and will continue to do so in…
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The Best Ways to De-ice Your Roof

I know we don't want to think about it. Ice. Snow. Sleet. Cold. Winter. Freezing unhappiness that lays heavily on your home... Waiting to break through and create a roofing nightmare. Maybe your roof has a thick row of icicles hanging off it. Maybe your downspout has a frozen stream splashing down onto your snowy…
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The Window Sill: The Question of New Windows

It’s less than a month away, but the ol’ round & red one is coming to town yet again, and he’s bringing lower energy bills, greater home comfort, and improved curb appeal. But, there’s a catch….you have to ask for it! What’s on your home improvement Christmas list this holiday season? If you need some…
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The Downlow on Downspouts

As an integral part of your gutter system, downspouts need to be situated carefully for maximum effectiveness. Most often, homeowners buy a house and never think about the gutter system and how it functions until something breaks - then the cost to replace can be expensive when the price of education and inspections is significantly…
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Fire Safety and Restoration Tips From Titan

Nobody ever thinks about losing their home to a fire. It's always a breaking news report on TV, or heard from a friend that a home and all its belongings have been destroyed by a fire. You never think it would happen to you, until it does. Being prepared for the worst gives you the…
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