04/01/2017 -  This Warren County Government building took our crew of 12 a full day to
finish.  We used over 100 squares of Owens Corning Oakridge in the color Driftwood.

04/01/2017 -  Another look from the front of the Warren County DD building

03/21/2017 -  This ranch had two layers of shingles to tear off. Our crew of 7 had this
home done in about 4.5 hours.

03/08/2017 - This home in Liberty Twp. had some bad wood that needed to be replaced.
After replacing about 300 sq. ft. of wood, we installed an Owens Corning Duration
shingle in Sierra Gray.  

02/13/2017 - One of the crews is finishing up laying our custom Titan synthetic

02/10/2017 - Our crew of 7 worked from sun up to sun down to finish this 32 square
home on a windy February day.  

11/1/2016 - This house in Batavia is also getting new siding, metal wrap, and gutters
in the coming days.  

10/31/2016 - This ranch was mostly shingles, with a small section of EPDM.

10/17/2016 - Our crew finished this house up on a nice 80* day in mid-October.

10/11/2016 - Our crew of 7 working on this home in Lebanon. This house will also be
getting new gutters and downspouts in the coming days.

9/29/2016 - This Lake front home took our crew of 7 around 8 hours to complete.
The homeowner chose the color Brownwood

9/29/2016 - This Liberty Twp. home chose an Owens Corning Duration shingle in Estate

9/16/2016 - This ranch in Springfield Twp took our crew of 8 about 5 hours to complete.  

7/26/2016 - This homeowner in Mason decided to use Titan for their roof replacement.
They did so after watching us replace their neighbors.  

7/15/2016 - This home in Lebanon took our crew of 7 a day to complete. Our
newly received custom Titan synthetic underlayment was used on this home.

7/14/2016 - This large log cabin in Bethel took our crew of 7 two days to complete.

7/11/2016 - We worked with this homeowner's insurance company to ensure their
storm damage was properly taken care of.

6/27/2016 - This Indian Hill home is going thru a complete renovation. After completion
of the roof, we will be installing new 6" gutters, and a leaf logic gutter guard.

6/16/2016 - This great looking home located on the Pipestone golf course in Miamisburg
decided on an Owens Corning Duration in Teak.  

6/14/2016 - This 9,000 square foot commercial roof in Mason took our crew of 14 guys
about 8 hours to complete. We had 7 guys working on each side to ensure the job was
done quickly.  This kept the interruption to the business as minimal as possible.

5/20/2016 - This 45 square house in Hampton Village in Mason took our crew a full day
to complete. The family decided on a Tru Def Duration shingle in Estate Gray.

5/18/2016 - This ranch is two doors down from the video below posted on 5/6.  The
same crew worked on this house as well.  

5/6/2016 - This is one of our best guys working on this ranch.  He is part of one of the
smallest crews we use (4 guys).  Although they still finished this 30 square ranch in a

4/23/2016 - This large building took our crew of 11 about 7 hours on a Saturday to

4/14/2016 - This house in the Crooked Tree Community in Mason decided on
an Owens Corning Shingle in Aged Cedar

4/5/2016 - This house in the Brookstone Community in Mason took our crew of 7 a full
day to complete.  The homeowner ended up choosing an Owens Corning Duration
shingle in Estate Gray

3/30/2016 - This large Lakeside Pavilion at Shaker Run Golf Club took our crew 2 days
 to complete.  We chose an Owens Corning Oakridge in the color Driftwood to match
the main clubhouse. 

3/30/2016 - We installed a 4" straight Exterior Portfolio product on this home in
the color Greystone.  It was completed in 2 days.   

3/17/2016 - These two neighbors decided to do their houses together.  We were able to
accommodate with two of our crews knocking these out in a day.  

3/10/2016 - This house in Bellevue had a fantastic view of the city.  

1/29/2016 - This house in Edgewood, Kentucky took our 8 man crew about
6 hours.  

12/15/2015 - Finishing up this Liberty Township roof today.  

12/8/2015 - We found a few nice days to put up this 42 square roof in West Chester.

11/13/2015 - Our guys finished up this job in a day while battling 25 mph winds.  

10/26/2015 - Finishing up a job in Villa Hills, Kentucky before the heavy rains begin.  

10/20/2015 - Our crew of 6 was in Blue Ash today installing a new roof on this ranch.
They finished up 18 squares in a short day.  

9/18/2015 - Our crew of 8 was in Delhi installing a 30 square John Mansville EPDM Roof.
This roof was stripped down to the decking before installing the new system. 


8/17/2015 - A 36 square job in Liberty Twp using an Oakridge shingle in Aged Cedar


7/1/2015 - A 38 square job in Lebanon using an Oakridge shingle in Brownwood 

6/22/15 - A 36 square job in Mason that our crew of 7 finished in one day.

6/19/15 - This was a one day project of 27 squares in Liberty Township.


6/12/15 - This was a large house and detached garage on a fantastic wooded lot in


5/19/15 - A Maineville ranch that took 29 squares of Owens Corning Oakridge in


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