You’ve seen those wicked little signs while driving down the road that advertises “ROOF REPAIRS FOR $200”. These signs are typically spray painted or written with a black marker attached to telephone poles or on stuck in the ground at intersections all over Cincinnati and Dayton. It would be very unwise to call these guys. Using them could potentially cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. We like to compare it to buying sushi from a gas station – Sure it sounds like a great deal – but is it in the long run?

Short (and less disgusting) answer: No.

It’s important that you choose an experienced roofing expert from a reputable Cincinnati roofing company. Roof repairs can be very technical and it takes someone with real training and true experience in the trenches to be able to diagnose and fix your problem correctly. The skills needed to learn how to properly perform the job of a roof repair tech takes many years to learn because it is true craftsmanship. Additionally, trained experts like us get certifications and seals of approval in order to do the best job possible.

Hiring someone based on a price you’ve seen off of a sign basically means you are hiring someone with little to no roof repair experience, no business sense, and a general disregard for quality. Hand painted signs were great when you ran a lemonade stand – not when you are looking for a trustworthy roofing expert.  The risks outweigh the reward when you chose a less than reputable roofing company with the biggest investment – your home. You will more than likely get a very shoddy repair which could cost you a lot of money down the road. When you then have to decide to call a professional because your roof still isn’t fixed, you’ll find the mess they’ve made on your roof is so bad that it can’t be fixed without extensive and expensive repairs. We see it every day. Almost like insult to injury, or food poisoning even.

If you find yourself needing a roof repair, do your research and check us out on all the various sites we are listed to see what our customers say about us. Google, Angie’s List, the BBB, Yelp, and our Facebook page all show what our customers are thrilled about.

We want to do the best job the first time to protect your family, your home, and your wallet. Give Titan a call today at 513-755-7663 for a free inspection.