Nobody ever thinks about losing their home to a fire. It’s always a breaking news report on TV, or heard from a friend that a home and all its belongings have been destroyed by a fire. You never think it would happen to you, until it does. Being prepared for the worst gives you the best chance to get out safely. In the event that your home has been damaged, Titan has restoration services to bring back your home to it’s original glory.

Unfortunate fire damage to a home in Liberty Township.

For one week in October, Fire Prevention Week encourages fire safety for your entire family. The theme “Every Second Counts: Plan Two Ways Out” reminds everyone why escape plans are important. Many families don’t have one in place and the cost, should a fire happen, can be someone’s life. But how do you prepare your family for a potential fire? And what are some ways you can help keep a house fire from spreading?

The most important piece of the fire safety puzzle is having an escape route. Every member of your household should be able to identify two exits from each room. If one exit is above ground level, ensure an escape ladder is easily accessible near the exit. Practice your escape plan with the entire family, including pets. Try using necessary equipment like fire extinguishers and escape ladders. Teach your family to close doors behind them when fleeing a fire as this could help stall the spread of flames.

Instill confidence in your children when it comes to fleeing a house fire. They need to know how to escape even if you’re unable to help them. Teach them how to dial 9-1-1 in the event a fire starts when you’re not home. Make sure your child feels safe dialing emergency responders from a neighbor’s house—or that they can ask a neighbor to do it for them. And all family members should be reminded that they should never re-enter a house that is on fire. We want your family safe and hope you never need to use these new tools to save your family from a fire. But in the event that something does happen, Titan is there for you.

Research has shown that fires today spread far more quickly than in bygone years. Thirty years ago, you had about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today, you have as little as 3-4 minutes because newer homes and the furniture within them burn a lot faster. Natural materials like wood and wool or cotton were once the norm in home and office furnishings. Today, plastics and other synthetic materials are in widespread use. Fires today can jump across a sofa, leap to an end table, spread to a lamp or coffee table and generate flames going to the ceiling within 3 minutes. Why? Synthetics burn faster and hotter than natural materials.

So should your smoke alarm sound some evening, please don’t run for your wedding picture, favorite shoes or clothing. Get people and pets out as quickly as you can and call 911.

Fast-spreading fires are harder to stop than you think. Titan understands both the science and the emotional toll of fire. We will be there for you to help put back the pieces and get your home back to normal, with tips and advice to keep a disaster at bay.