When a storm damages your roof, it’s normal to feel a bit shaken up. Your roof protects your home; when the protection is damaged it can be unnerving. However, as a homeowner, tackling storm damage is not as hard as you might think — as long as you make the right phone calls. Other than maybe a friend or family member, there are two people you should call after your roof is damaged in a storm.

Your Insurance Company

The first phone call you should make is to your homeowner’s insurance company. Yes, you should call your insurer before you call your roofer. 

On this phone call, you want to initiate the claim process. Your insurer will ask you a few questions about the extent of the damage and any problems you’ve noticed. Answer as fully as you can; it’s okay if you don’t know all the answers at this point.

While you are on this call, your insurance company should tell you what your policy does and does not cover. They should also let you know what your deductible is. The deductible is the amount you’ll need to pay towards repairs before your insurance policy “kicks in.” 

Your Roofing Company

Call a local roofing company as soon as you get off the phone with your insurer. You need them to assess the damage and begin the repairs process ASAP. Otherwise, your home could suffer more extensive water damage in the coming days. Additional roof materials could also blow off and cause damage to other structures.

While they’re on your property, the roofer should give you a good idea of what’s wrong. They can give you an estimate for repairs or replacement, which you can relay to your insurance company. 

If your roof needs extensive repairs, your roofer can typically make some “quick fixes” for a bit of protection until complete repairs can be made.

Make sure the roofing company you contact is a local one. Stay away from storm chasers — roofers who roll through town after a storm and then leave. They tend to do sub-par work and are tough to contact after the fact.

If your roof suffers storm damage in the Cincinnati area, feel free to contact Titan Siding and Roofing. We’ll work with your insurance company, offer a clear estimate, and make sure your home receives top-quality, lasting roof repairs.