When you have an asphalt shingle roof, you’ll want to keep it looking good and functioning as it should for as long as possible. How long roof shingles last depends on several factors and understanding more about your roof can help it last as long as possible.

The following are three important things to know about your shingle roof:

1. Average Lifespan

On average, an asphalt shingle roof will last around 20 years before it needs to be replaced. Asphalt shingles come in two different types – three-tab and architectural.

Three-tab shingles are the least expensive choice and are made up of three 12-inch wide tabs. Architectural asphalt shingles are made from two asphalt shingle strips laminated together. Since they’re thicker, they tend to last longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

2. How Its Lifespan Is Shortened

The actual lifespan of an asphalt roof depends on several factors, including the climate it’s exposed to. If it receives hour after hour of direct sunlight, is in a very windy area, or a climate with extreme temperature changes, this can shorten its lifespan. Storms also affect it with high winds, hail, melting snow and ice which cause ice dams (solid masses of ice on your roof).

A lack of maintenance can also shorten your roof’s lifespan. Roofs should be regularly inspected to detect any issues as early as possible when they can be more easily and inexpensively fixed. This is especially true after a storm blows through your region.

3. How You Can Help It Last Longer

Asphalt roofing is likely to last longer if you schedule regular inspections to help detect problems you can’t see from the ground. In addition, removing the black algae streaks can help your shingles last longer. Unlike pressure washing, a professional cleaning won’t damage your roof.

Timely repairs will also help. Problems such as leaks and damaged shingles usually can be repaired if they’re addressed as soon as possible and not just ignored.

When you need a new roof, roofing repairs, or maintenance, work with Titan Siding and Roofing in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our roofing specialists will help extend the life of your roof by keeping it looking good and functioning well!