If your home’s roof has been damaged by harsh weather and needs to be replaced, Titan Siding and Roofing has the specialists and materials you need to fix your home’s roof. We have the experience, trust, and skills to expertly replace any roofing lost due to wind, storms, snow, rain or ice.

Replacing your roof after a windstorm or hail damage and making immediate repairs is important so that other areas of your home, your ceilings and walls in particular, do not become damages as well. Catching unseen damage early is imperative to lowering the cost of repairs and avoiding total roof replacements. Once water and moisture gets entrapped inside the home, the damage begins to really rack up, and so will the cost. Getting a quick inspection can keep you from tallying up big costs.

Some of the more obvious signs your home has incurred damage is shingles in your yard, flaps of material hanging off or moving around in the wind, or actual leaks. While you may not see your shingles or tarps on the lawn, less obvious signs like interior wall bubbling and blistering, dark wet spots, and mold growth can signify damage already in place. Don’t forget to look into crawl spaces and attics for damage too – sheetrock discoloration, algae growth on chimneys and shingles can all mean the worst is yet to come.

Maybe the roof of your home is just old, and you may have never had an issue with it to date. Older roofs need love too- Call Titan and schedule a roof inspection today 513-755-ROOF (7663)!  One of our knowledgeable roofing project managers will visit your property and provide you with a thorough roof inspection.  We we notify you of all existing problems or potential leak points in the future.  This is the best way to stop a devastating roof leak before it happens!

Our detailed and thorough free roof inspections address:

  1. Flashings –  Are they installed properly, bent or torn?  Have the elements deteriorated their protections or has settling caused them to pull away from your home?  We inspect all chimney flashings as well as your side wall and end flashings.
  2. Blistering – Inadequate ventilation and poor drainage can result in blistering
  3. Shingle Buckling – There are many causes to buckling including improperly installed underlayment, inadequate ventilation, multiple layers of shingles and even bad decking.
  4. Missing Granules – this can be a huge problem with defective shingles such as the Atlas Chalet.  Our inspectors look for bare spots on your shingles as well as excessive amount of granules in the gutters.
  5. Missing Shingles – This can be the result of improper installation as well as wind damage caused from high winds or strong straight line winds,  We replace a large number of older roofs covered by insurance as a result of wind damage.
  6. Hail Damage – The top reason for insurance covered roof replacements in our area is hail damage.  Hail damage is not always visible to the untrained eye!
  7. Wood Rot – caused by excess moisture & retention
  8. Shingle Curling – usually a result of improper nailing or a lack of proper ventilation
  9. Damage or Deterioration – We will carefully inspect your roof accessories such as your vents, plumbing pipe boots and other roof penetrations for normal wear and tear.  The average life span for a standard pipe jack is only ten years!

Titan Siding And Roofing is West Chester’s best roofing company.   We encourage all of our potential customers to check out our reviews on Google and HomeAdvisor. We know you have questions about roofing replacement and repair, and we have the answers!

Take the guesswork out of roofing – don’t wait until the roof comes down on you to give us a call! Call Titan today! 513-755-ROOF (7663)