Over time, your asphalt shingles face the cumulative effects of moisture, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations, causing the shingles to curl or lift. If your roof has extensive dull or darkened areas with missing surface grain, it could be time for a new roof. However, multiple cupped and curled shingles can be easily repaired by trained roofing professionals. 

Why Shingles Lift

In most cases, asphalt shingles lift as a result of improper installation or inadequate ventilation in the attic. Shingles may have been damaged during the installation process or even before they were installed. If an inexperienced roofer didn’t discard damaged shingles and instead installed them on your roof, they will be more susceptible to weather damage in the future.

Shingles not correctly secured can also lift up. Sometimes, not enough nails are used, they aren’t spaced correctly, or the nails aren’t driven in all the way. During strong winds, the shingles can be lifted and result in roof leaks. Additionally, moss can begin to grow beneath shingles and gradually cause them to curl.

Why Shingles Curl

Bad ventilation, poor quality shingles, cold temperatures, and poor installation can all cause shingles to curl. Poor attic ventilation can allow hot, moist air to rise up the roof and curl the shingles. If the attic is well ventilated, such moisture can easily escape to the outside without affecting your shingles. 

How to Fix Lifting or Curling Shingles

The most cost-effective way to fix lifting or curling shingles is to replace them with new shingles. While increasing the air circulation in your attic is critical, addressing the more pressing issue of damaged shingles should come first. An experienced roofing professional can inspect your roof without walking on the curled shingles to avoid snapping the roofing materials and making things worse. 

It is possible to seal curled shingles when the damage is not extreme. However, in most cases, replacing the curled/lifted shingles is the ideal way to get your roof back in functional shape and aesthetics. But if your roof has maxed out its useful life and almost all the shingles are curling or lifting, you are likely a candidate for a full roof replacement. 

Curling or lifting shingles suggest your roof is in trouble. Always work with a local trusted roofing contractor for all your roof repairs or replacements. Contact Titan Siding and Roofing in the Greater Cincinnati area to address your roofing problems and get a practical long-term fix for your curling or lifting roof.