Your roof’s main function is to protect your home from the elements. That’s why you need a roofing system that can perform regardless of the weather, and you can do this by investing in a maintenance routine tailored to your roof. Fortunately, it’s easy to create the right program for your roof by knowing the different parts of your system.

Without further ado, Titan presents “Roofing Components, 101”:

  • Roofing Material:  Your shingles and tiles make up the outermost part of your system and serve as its main barrier against the elements. As the most visible area of your roofing system, it also has an effect on your home’s curb appeal. Choose from our range of roofing materials to find one that best suits your home’s style and needs.
  • Underlayment:  Your roof’s underlayment is a special paper laid over the plywood sheeting to help seal your roof from damage. This is installed along with a waterproof membrane to boost your system’s protection from water damage. Our team ensures the flawless installation of your new roofing system for peak performance for years.
  • Flashing:  The flashing refers to the metal pieces on your roof that divert water from areas prone to water damage like the hips and valleys. This can be made from different materials like galvanized alloy, stainless steel, and lead-coated copper. The only difference among these is their appearance so you won’t have to stress too much about your choice.
  • Trim:  Lastly, the trim protects the seams on your roof. These are areas where water could enter your home like a hip or a ridge. With a securely installed trim, your new roofing system can withstand bad weather.

Your roof replacement project can be quick, hassle-free, and convenient if you prepare and if you work with the right roof replacement company. Titan Siding and Roofing is the leading choice for roof replacement in West Chester, Liberty Township and greater Cincinnati because of experience and our professionalism! Get a free estimate today by calling us at 513-755-7663 or check us out on Facebook.