Installing new energy-efficient windows increases your home value and provides your family with a comfortable living space and security. Whether you are considering replacement windows or merely gathering knowledge, it’s essential to feel comfortable about the entire window installation process and have the best information possible.

At Titan Siding and Roofing, we know the process of selecting and installing new windows can feel complicated. Our team will walk you through the entire installation from inspection and measuring to design and installation.

Our simplified window installation process guarantees a custom fitting for your unique needs. We offer premium replacement windows with various choices to keep your home running efficiently. 

Properly installed energy-efficient windows will lower your utility costs. What’s more, your new windows will:

  • Improve your home’s curb appeal
  • Protect your family and home from weather elements
  • Help reduce outside noise

Window Installation Process

Here’s what to expect from us, start to finish:

Survey and Estimate

One of our experienced technicians will come over and inspect your home’s windows for any problematic issues. Before we install new windows, we need to know the state of your current ones and get the accurate dimensions. We also note any details which could affect the installation process, such as casing and frames.

We will also identify which installation method to use when replacing your windows between the following two:

  • Pocket installation: Here, we only remove and replace the sashes of your old windows before placing new ones into the existing frames.
  • Full-frame installation: We’ll remove the entire windows, including the frames, trims, and panes, and put new ones. This method is more labor- and time-intensive.

After the initial survey, we will schedule a time to review our findings with you and answer any questions. Once the project is approved and paperwork signed, we order your new windows and set up the installation schedule.

Prepare the Area

Once your windows are ready, your home and yard need to be protected. You will need to move furniture away from the area where we are working. Also, take down window trimmings, wall decorations, and other window hardware. Outside, we move or cover lawn items such as patio furniture, lawn decorations, fragile plants, or hoses. Tarps are also used inside to protect your floor while we work.

Pre-Installation Assessment and Repair

Our installation crew will remove the existing windows and inspect your window frames for damage and rotten wood. As needed, we remedy any underlying issues, ensuring a solid foundation for the new window.


We remove the old windows and prepare the existing openings or frames. We use shims as needed to install the windows correctly. In addition, we ensure your new windows achieve an air-tight seal.

Clean-Up and Finishing

After the installation is complete, our crew will clean the work area thoroughly to clear any remaining debris. Any protection we added will be removed, and items will be put back in their proper place. We also run a nail magnet across the property, leaving your home clean and safe.

Final Walk-Through

After the project is complete, we do a final inspection and walk-through to ensure everything is finished. We then discuss your warranties, maintenance tips, and final billing.

Why Is It Essential to Install Windows Correctly?

Selecting the right windows for your home is essential, but hiring a reliable, licensed contractor to install them properly is also crucial. Cracks, mold build-up, and rotting are a few signs of a poor installation by the window contractor you hired.

Your new windows should fit perfectly into your frames or wall openings to protect your home. Mistakes during installation can decrease your windows’ efficiency and waste energy. In addition, improperly installed windows can let moisture into your walls leading to water damage.

Expertly installed windows prevent these issues by:

  • Maintaining a barrier against the elements
  • Limiting air leakage that leads to considerable energy loss
  • Protecting against rot, mildew, and mold in your living spaces, which improves your indoor air quality and eliminates associated health risks
  • Safeguarding your window warranty

It is crucial to hire a licensed window contractor for these reasons.

Are you interested in getting new energy-efficient windows in the Greater Cincinnati area? Contact Titan Siding and Roofing today for your initial consultation. We value professionalism and offer superior products, competitive pricing, customer support, and first-class workmanship.