If you’re tired of paying an excessive amount of money for heating or cooling due to inefficient windows, then investing in new storm windows could be the best decision. Although repairing your old windows by weather-stripping or adding caulk can help fix the breeze, you should consider adding energy-efficient storm windows for maximum energy saving.

You can install storm windows either inside or outside your home. In most cases, storm windows are used with single-pane windows. They offer more efficiency than replacing older windows with double-paned glass. Moreover, storm windows have superior air-sealing, noise reduction, temperature retention, and condensation prevention. As a result, they protect your main windows from the wear and tear of the outside elements. If your home is situated in an extremely cold or hot climate, you’ll benefit most from storm windows.

How Much Energy You Can Save

The energy-saving you can realize with your storm windows depends on various factors. Each home calculates its cost-effectiveness differently. Factors such as your local climate, furnace and air conditioning systems, and how well your home is sealed around doors, siding, and roofs all play a role in the amount of savings. Additionally, your current electricity rates will affect your energy savings.

According to statistics by EnergyStar.gov, replacing regular single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR windows can save you hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills. The amount of savings varies by:

  • The size of your home
  • The location of your home
  • What source of energy you use (gas or electricity)
  • How many windows you have

Types of Storm Windows

When purchasing energy-efficient storm windows, there are three common types to choose from: interior, exterior, and temporary. Each type of storm window offers different energy savings.

1. Interior Storm Windows

Overall, interior storm windows are easy to install and remove. They are generally made from lightweight, inexpensive materials like plastic, glass, or acrylic and can be framed or unframed. Some models can be magnetized to current windows, while others can be designed for compression. In general, interior storm windows are perfect for apartments or homes with multiple floors.

2. Exterior Storm Windows

Exterior storm windows are framed in aluminum, vinyl, or wood.

  • Aluminum frames are lightweight and require very minimal maintenance. 
  • Wood frames offer excellent aesthetics, particularly in older homes, but they often expand and contract with fluctuating weather, causing a decrease in the seal’s effectiveness. Wood frames also need proper maintenance and may require replacement quicker than vinyl or aluminum if not maintained correctly.
  • Vinyl storm windows resist sunlight but often warp or crack in extreme temperatures.

Regardless of the framing you choose, exterior storm windows can help protect your existing windows from wear or tear and prevent flooding from heavy downpours or hurricanes.

3. Temporary Storm Windows

Most temporary storm windows come as acrylic panels placed inside window panes or insulating films attached to the window frame. Whichever solution you choose, temporary storm windows are designed to keep cold air out and should be replaced yearly. This option is often recommended as a quick fix if your budget is tight or you need extra time to plan for a better option.

Energy Saver Identifier

Storm window installation is a cost-effective solution for upgrading the energy efficiency of existing windows. Easy to install, they cost a fraction of full replacement windows. In fact, installing a low-emissivity storm window over your existing single-pane window can reduce your energy bill just as much as replacing your windows with brand new windows. With an ultra-thin, virtually invisible metal layer, Low-E storm windows reflect infrared heat back into your home, improving the window’s insulation ability and lowering your heating and cooling costs. On average, Low-E storm windows could save you 10%–30% in cooling and heating costs.

Get High-Quality Storm Windows in Cincinnati!

Windows are a standout feature of any house. They also play a critical role in protecting your home from the outside elements. At Titan Siding and Roofing, we offer premium energy-efficient storm windows to keep homes and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area running efficiently. Our energy-efficient windows can help you minimize your lighting, heating, and cooling costs. Besides uplifting your home’s curb appeal, high-quality storm windows help reduce the outside noise. Contact us today to request a free estimate for your storm windows!