Wondering if you need a new roof after the storms we’ve had this spring? A quick glance at your roof and you notice a shingle flapping in the wind. You see your gutter hanging off its hinge and you being the brave, DIY homeowner you are thing “I can fix that!”

Slow down there, pal. There is a LOT that goes into repairs. You may be able to get up there and secure a few shingles, but is a repair what your home really needs to stay healthy?

Titan Siding and Roofing offers free inspections on any type of roof. We have certified roofers that can quickly identify weakening structures or damages beyond safe repairs quickly and efficiently. Working hand in hand with insurance companies, we can assist in the claims process and make sure you get the absolute best replacements and repairs on your home’s roof in Cincinnati or Dayton.

You may still want to go out and take a peek yourself before the inspection. Additionally, you may be wondering “What does a roofer look for during an inspection?” Here are just a few of the things we look for at Titan Siding and Roofing when completing a roofing inspection on your home:

From the outside:

Use a pair of binoculars or stand on a ladder at roof level and look at the overall appearance of your roof. In particular, look for the following indications of potential roof problems:

Are there any blistered, curled, or split shingles? A few can be repaired but if the general appearance of the roof is poor, it may be time to reroof.

Are there loose or missing shingles or tiles?

Do you see any exposed nails? They are a source of leaks. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Or in this case – where there is nails, there is water.

If your roof is covered with composition (asphalt) shingles, look for dark patches indicating the granular coating has worn away.

Look for significant accumulation of granules in your rain gutters. Some granules are normal –  but a lot, combined with dark patches on your shingles, is a sign of an aging roof. This can be compared to seeing more hair in the sink after combing in the morning than on your head. Just sayin’.

Look for sagging along the ridges or in the middle of the roof.

Any rusty metal or displaced shingles along the valley are signs of roof weaknesses.

Inspect the flashing around plumbing vents and chimneys. Loose shingles or rusty, loose flashing is another sign of trouble. Lose structures let in water!

Check the gutters closely for sagging and signs of leaks between sections. Are the downspouts firmly in place and directing water away from the house foundation?

If you have a shake or shingle roof, inspect the flashing around chimneys and vertical walls carefully because acid in the wood can eat away at the flashing over the years.

From the inside:

In the attic, look for signs of leaks. Dark stains on the rafters or the underside of the roof decking material generally indicate water trails.

If you find dark spots, see if they are still wet or are old. Push a sharp screwdriver into the wood. If it is soft, it’s a sign of rot. If the wood is stained but still dry and firm during your rainy season, it may be an old leak that has been repaired.

Look up through the roof for any pinpoints of light. If you find one, run a thin length of wire up through it so you can find it on the roof. Do not widen the hole. Shake roofs in particular may show daylight during the summer months, but the wood will swell shut again with the first rains.

Look for sagging sheathing between rafters. This is one sign of an old roof in need of repair. Sagging or cracked rafters will certainly require repair or replacement as part of a new roof installation.

This is a LOT for an untrained eye to look at. It can be very overwhelming and worrisome when you find issues with your roof. What will roof repairs cost? What would a new roof cost me to replace? These are all questions we handle patiently and with great detail. A free inspection for Cincinnati and Dayton’s most trusted roofing company, Titan Siding and Roofing is the first step to insuring your home has decades of life left in it to keep your family safe and comfortable.
Schedule your free inspection today! We treat your home as if it were our own (without raiding your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets for snacks while we’re they’re.) We take multiple steps to protect the surfaces of your house with coverings, moving items, and clean up.

Trust Titan for all your roofing needs. You won’t regret it!