Every trade has its specialized terms which can mystify anyone outside the business. Here are eight essential examples of gutter terminology you need to know to ensure your Cincinnati-area home is protected from water leaks, wet foundations, and ruined landscaping. 


The vertical tube attached to your home’s exterior links the horizontal gutters with your yard. Downspouts funnel water away from your foundation, emptying into French drains or ground-level splash blocks. 

End Cap

Seamless gutters can be run to any reasonable length and then have their ends capped with end caps. These vertical metal plates match the horizontal gutter in paint finish and style. They are crimped into place and then sealed to prevent leaks. 


Call it fascia or soffit board; this is the vertical piece capping your roof’s rafter ends. The gutters themselves attach to fascia strips. Overflowing gutters will saturate and rot your fascia, risking water infiltration into your attic. 


Metal thickness is measured by gauge, in thousandths of an inch. The lower the number, the thinner the metal. So, a gutter built from 0.027 gauge aluminum is thicker than 0.025. The difference? The 0.025 is sold in big-box home improvement stores for do-it-yourselfers. The thicker 0.027 Industry standard) or 0.032 (heavy duty) is more durable. 


The near-horizontal metal troughs along your house are your gutters. They whisk water away as it runs off the roof, carrying it to downspouts and out into your yard. 


Gutters attach to your home’s fascia with metal hangers. These sturdy bits of hardware are anchored to the fascia with long screws for added strength. Some cradle the gutter; others attach invisibly across the top. 


Every roof has a pitch, or angle to it, so rainwater can run off. Gutters have a pitch, too, so the roof’s runoff can run off the gutter. Typically, your gutters pitch ½-inch every 10 feet. This ensures quick drainage. 

Ice Dams

When escaping heat melts snow on your roof, it refreezes at the roof’s lower edge, creating ice dams. These can back up and send water into your sheathing and between interior and exterior walls. 

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