Gravity saves you money. Gravity pulls rainwater down the sloping surfaces of your roof, so the only places on your Cincinnati-area home needing gutters are the eaves, the horizontal edges of your roof. This is why gutters are unnecessary along the sloping edges. 

Rain, Rain

According to U.S. Climate Data, the greater Cincinnati area receives a healthy 42+ inches of precipitation a year on average. That’s more than three and a half feet of rain, snow, and ice! All that water falling on your home’s roof could be trouble if it were not whisked away from the foundations by your home’s gutter system

When rain hits any part of the roof field (the sloped roof expanses), gravity carries it down over the roof. Each area sheds many gallons of water with each storm. The water flows down to the eaves. 

Without gutters, all the rainwater would fall about three feet away from your foundations. It would soak your landscaping and eventually into your foundations, leading to expensive cracks and water infiltration. 

Go Away

When properly installed, gutters carry rainwater off the roof and through downspouts emptying many feet away from the concrete forming your foundations. 

Some homeowners prefer French drains (underground, perforated pipes channeling water). Others prefer long splash guards. Whatever method you opt for, the rainwater, thawing ice, and melting snow have to be moved away from your home to keep your foundations dry. 

You do not need gutters along the sides of your home since the rain is falling onto your landscaping. It is not being gathered and moved by the artificial hill your roof forms. You may notice the earth near the foundations at these sloped sides is usually dry, which means your foundations are safe. 

Another Day

To help your foundations stay dry, day after day, have your gutters inspected for defects, damage, or clogs. Consider new gutters, professionally installed in about a day, to solve problems with rain-soaked landscaping or foundation walls. 

Please contact us today at Titan Siding and Roofing so we can help you solve your home’s gutter problems. We perform complete, professional gutter service, from surveying, estimating, and preparation to installation, clean-up, and a final walk-through.