As time moves and the weather changes, you have to maintain different aspects of the home. The exterior parts of the house, especially, need regular maintenance to increase their lifespan. It is sometimes possible to forget these maintenance practices. For example, many homeowners forego cleaning the gutters during winter. After noticing damage, homeowners want to know if gutters can be repaired or if they should replace them.

Taking care of your gutters will improve their service and maximize durability. How exactly should you care for your gutters, and what signs indicate a deteriorating gutter? More importantly, can you go ahead and replace the gutters, or should you call a professional? Read on to learn more about effective gutter maintenance.


Can you fix damaged gutters yourself?


As a homeowner, you’re likely used to doing smaller maintenance practices every now and then. For example, you may have to investigate the windows and roof in colder months. If you’re used to these activities around the homestead, you can likely fix minor gutter issues. For example, if you notice a leak from a loose gutter, you can fix it in place and reduce the leaking.

Admittedly, some gutter issues can prove complex for the average homeowner. And while you may be compelled to fix it by yourself, sometimes, the best option is to involve professionals.

In the Greater Cincinnati area, Titan Siding and Roofing is the premier residential gutter expert. The team has a quick response time and will ensure your gutters are fixed and functional with little downtime.


Can gutters be repaired?


Gutters are an often overlooked yet essential part of the house. They collect and direct water away from the home. You can also use them to collect water for rainy reasons. Continued maintenance will ensure your gutters remain functional for years. However, you may notice damage at some point and want to repair or replace them.

How do you decide between repairing and replacing the gutters? This decision involves considering various factors. For example, if the damage is substantial, it may need complete replacement. The best way of knowing if you can repair or replace the gutters is by enquiring from a professional. Titan Siding and Roofing offers comprehensive gutter services to help you make the right choice.


Warning signs your gutters need servicing


In some cases, it’s apparent the gutters need maintenance. For instance, if the gutters are blown off after a strong wind, they need to be replaced immediately. However, the damage may not be as noticeable in other cases. Below are several telltale signs you need to have your gutters checked by a professional:

Gutter channels pulling away from the house

Sometimes, as a home ages, you will notice that gutters pull away from the home’s fascia board. If this happens, you must have a professional determine the problem. Occasionally the gutters can be re-attached elsewhere, but sometimes the board must be replaced.

Loose joints

Your gutters can loosen after prolonged use or intense weather conditions. You can fix loose joints to prevent the gutters from leaking further. This is one of those maintenance practices you can carry out yourself. You simply need to get gutter sealant and a cleaning cloth. Clean the area, then apply the sealant. Give it some time to dry, and the gutter is ready.

Leaking gutters

Leaking gutters are a common issue experienced by homeowners in Cincinnati. First, you need to establish the cause of the leak. If it’s something you can fix, go ahead and try.

If the leak is widening over time or the weather conditions are unfavorable, you should get a professional gutter maintenance service in Cincinnati. The earlier you fix a leaking gutter, the better your chances of minimizing potential damage.

Rusty gutters

Your gutter’s lifespan will vary based on different factors. Aluminum gutters, for example, last for about 20 years. This can, of course, change with factors like weather conditions.

If you notice rust falling off the gutters, they are likely old and need replacement. Replacing gutters improves drainage and overall roof protection. Rust spots will quickly evolve into leaking holes with timely intervention. In cold and rainy months, you need reliable gutter maintenance service providers.

Saggy gutters

Sagging gutters means that there is water pooling at one point and not flowing properly. Missing brackets are a contributing factor to saggy gutters. If some brackets are missing, the gutter’s functionality is compromised. A skilled expert can replace the missing gutters and prevent further damage. The water pooled in one stagnant area can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It could also lead to physical harm if the pressure builds up.

Other common signs your gutters need maintenance include the following;

  • Noticeable gaps
  • Visual damage from debris and wind
  • Visible water flying off during storms
  • Clogged gutters

Ultimately, your gutters are an essential bit of your home. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the gutters will increase their lifespan and reduce the chances of damage. Contact Titan Siding and Roofing today for all your gutter problems in the Greater Cincinnati area.