A 5″ gutter holds a lot of water. Maybe it holds enough to protect your Cincinnati-area home’s foundations. Maybe it doesn’t. Choosing between a 5″ gutter and a 6″ gutter depends on many factors. So you may wonder, “What size gutters do I need?” We’re here to help!

More Water

Gutters carry water from particular sections of your home’s roof to downspouts and away from your foundations. Each gutter must have the capacity to take a high flow rate from its roof section. If you have conditions which will cause your roof to shed more water than usual, you need 6″ gutters. Those conditions include:

  • Large roof area
  • Rainy microclimate
  • Metal roof (sheds water faster than shingles)
  • An abundance of overhanging trees
  • Steep roof pitch

The larger the gutter, the more water it can handle, and the safer your foundations will be. Gutters primarily exist to protect the very bottom of your home from things happening at the very top. Wet foundations are weak foundations, and foundation repair is enormously expensive. 

Can Gutters Be Too Small?

The standard 5″ gutter can definitely be too small for some circumstances, but most homeowners would balk at mixing gutter sizes. Most contractors will encourage the larger gutter size if any of the conditions we mentioned apply to your Cincinnati-area home. 

No good moment exists for you to discover your gutters are too small. When gutters are too small, you can face:

  • Overflowing gutters
  • Clogged gutters
  • Damp foundations
  • Ruined landscaping
  • Roof damage
  • Ice dams

Can Gutters Be Too Big?

A 6″ gutter is noticeably larger than its 5″ junior version. On the front of a small house, or a one-story ranch home, the larger gutter makes a strong visual statement, a statement you may not like. 

Your gutter contractor can help you determine which size works ideally for all the conditions your home faces. With the 6″ gutters handling 40 percent more water than 5″ gutters, you also need larger downspouts to channel all the water away from your home. 

Larger, 6″ gutters are a wise investment for many Cincinnati homeowners. Your best bet is to talk to a reliable, local contractor about your gutter replacement options. 

Whether you opt for 5″ gutters or 6″ gutters, proper installation is key. Contact us today at Titan Siding and Roofing to ensure your new gutters bring added value, beauty, and security to your Cincinnati-area’s home.