Back to school season. The kids are (maybe) excited about meeting their new teachers and getting new clothes. Parents are (very) excited to put their kids back into class and out of their houses. It’s a time-old tradition that means one thing: The beginning of the fall season!

Be it Pumpkin Spiced lattes, sweaters and jackets, or crispy golden hued leaves, there are a few hallmarks of the fall season. One that most don’t think about is replacing their aging and damaged roof. When is the best time to replace your roof? Why is fall considered the best time of year to get a new roof on your home?

Fall is the best time to get in your pre-winter inspection. In the words of Ned Stark: “Winter is coming” and with it all the extreme weather that comes with it. An inspection from a HAAG Certified Inspector at Titan will check for leaks, stains, cracks and peeling shingles.

Inside, they will search for cracks in the walls, ceilings, water damage and more. With a foot of snow on top, seeing these signs of damage would be impossible – opening your greatest investment to take considerable damage throughout the winter months. Schedule your free inspection today!

Do you know how many pounds of snow your roof can safely hold before buckling?

Don’t find out the hard way – when it falls right into your living room! A pre-winter inspection by a Titan roofer will determine if your roof is structurally sound. A sagging or weakened roof can give way to leaks that will literally “bring down the house”! Sometimes snow needs brushed off your roof to keep from damaging your home. Don’t risk your safety this winter trying to clear your roof – get it inspected to ensure it can withstand the weight. Repairs, replacements and redesigns – Titan has you covered!

Nobody likes scaling ladders and cresting the tree tops when it’s 90 degrees outside. Fall is the perfect time to trip tree branches that lean towards the house threatening damage. When ice forms, it can add hundreds of pounds to a tree, weighing it down and potentially snapping its branches. If not properly managed, those branches will fall straight down on to your home. This autumn, consider trimming all dead tree limbs, large branches and stray brush early to prevent damage over the winter.

Speaking of ideal weather – fall is a great time to asses the potential damage to your roof from the spring and summer months. Crisp, cool, and drier weather provides ideal roofing scenarios for your roofers. Rain storms can cause delays and new shingles added to your home’s roof will seal properly in the fall temperatures.  If too hot or wet, there will be an impact on the bonding quality. Fall is a great time for you (and the roofer!) to jump at the chance to replace or repair your roof. Call Titan today for more information!

By re-roofing in the autumn, you give yourself a head start to saving on your heating costs. Cincinnati winters are notoriously fridged and wet. A new or repaired roof will bring down heating by providing better insulation. Knowing that you won’t have money burning our from your roof will keep your warm at night – and your checkbook will thank you!

By fall, you’re most likely done with your summer vacation travels and ready to huddle up for the winter with a spiced pumpkin latte with your family. Putting your home maintenance front and center before the busy holiday season is the best possible preventative measure you can take to maintaining the roof of your home. Your house is your greatest investment – trust it with Titan Siding and Roofing. Cincinnati’s Best Certified Roofers! Give us a call at 513-755-ROOF today!